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  accompanying translation is an important work. many new translators in the translation industry always make some mistakes in accompanying translation. today, shanghai zhenyun translation company summarizes some taboos of accompanying translation. i hope you can pay attention to them in future work.


  1、 don't pretend to understand


  if you don't know a word, you can't pretend to understand it. sometimes you may fool the past, but if the person who knows the word finds out, it's not good to tear it up. therefore, if you encounter a word that you don't understand, you can confirm it with the speaker several times or take out your mobile phone to check. it doesn't matter. because you have to be responsible for the content you translated and your customers, so foreign businessmen generally don't blame you for many problems, as long as you translate correctly in the end. what's more, most people now know more or less some english. if you don't understand it and pretend to understand it, you will be embarrassed if you are found out. so at this time, please ask others modestly. don't feel embarrassed. remember your mistakes. after you go back, work hard to enrich your vocabulary and make adequate preparation before the next job. in this way, you can improve yourself.


  2、 don't be submissive to your employer


  remember, no matter what kind of accompanying translator you are, you are not a servant, but an interpreter.


  many people are very obedient to the requirements of foreign businessmen when they do translation for foreign businessmen. although this is a manifestation of due diligence, they should not do too much to damage their own interests. sometimes, after working, foreign businessmen may put forward some excessive demands. remember, we must refuse to let our own interests be harmed. therefore, when formally taking over the work, both sides must reach a formal agreement and do everything according to the requirements of the agreement.


  3、 don't know how to protect one's salary


  now the translation market is not very strict, a lot of times, oral talk about salary and work content is ready to go to work. however, this does not guarantee your salary. therefore, when you are doing accompanying translation for others, you should explain to the foreign businessman that the salary needs to be settled on a daily basis. if the foreign businessman does not agree, he / she should show his / her passport or id card for you to take a photo and keep a card for you. this can reduce the risk of not returning your salary.


  4、 never bring "dry food"


  as an accompanying interpreter for foreign businessmen, they should adapt to their eating habits and time. many foreign businessmen come to china because of time difference or living habits, which is different from our diet. moreover, we can't get used to the food of many foreigners. therefore, when doing accompanying translation for them, you can bring some high calorie food, such as chocolate, bread, etc., to avoid fainting due to hunger on the way.


  5、 don't know how to protect yourself


  there are more female students majoring in language, but the majority of foreign businessmen are male. therefore, when doing accompanying translation for them, girls should learn to protect themselves and avoid going out alone with them after work. if they can't shirk, they must call on their friends.


  6、 don't dress improperly


  what kind of clothes should be worn on any occasion, and clothes that are too revealing and fashionable should not be worn. for important occasions, you need to wear formal clothes; when you go shopping, you can wear casual clothes. it is very important to remember that comfortable shoes are very important.


  7、 don't understand the role change


  now more and more chinese people know english. when they communicate, they may not need you to translate for the time being. this makes the accompanying translator feel that his sense of existence is very low, but he should not lose heart at this time. he should adjust his role flexibly. for example, to help their customers to take care of and take care of the aftermath, easily become a small assistant.


  8、 don't be unprepared


  after receiving the work, you must understand the content of the activity and be fully prepared for the professional vocabulary and terminology in the field involved. in addition, we should understand the cultural background, taboos and eating habits of foreign countries. this can make your accompanying translation work more smoothly, also can let you have more common topics.