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  whether it's the clients or the staff who are going to be engaged in translation, there are many people who don't know the price of translation. what factors determine the price of translation that shanghai zhenyun artificial translation company shares with you today?


  1. translator level


  different translators, different quotations. for translators, before making an offer to others, they should first have a general understanding of their own level and qualifications in the whole translation market. because the same document is translated by people with different translation level and experience, the quotation should be different.


  therefore, most translation companies will indicate the translation price of different levels on the translation quotation list for customers, such as what price the junior translator, intermediate translator and senior translator respectively correspond to, and some will be expressed by ordinary level, senior level or general level, professional level, etc.


  2. purpose and carrier of translation


  pricing per thousand words is the most commonly used method in translation quotation, but not all translation work is suitable for pricing per word. it is suggested that even after knowing the word number, you should not rush to make a quotation, and you should continue to understand the purpose and document carrier of the other party.


  understanding the customer's purpose will not only help you to judge which tone to use to present the translation (such as a more business tone or a daily tone), but also help you judge whether the quotation should be adjusted accordingly.


  3. professional field


  before quoting a written translation, you need to know the "professional field" to see if you have been exposed to such translation and if you are good at it.


  asking the professional field not only enables you to judge whether you are competent, but also enables you to decide whether the quotation needs to be improved correspondingly. for example, for documents with higher special terms such as medicine and industrial machinery, the quotation should be higher than the ordinary text.


  each translator usually has his or her own translation type and professional field, for example, some people are more adept at translating legal documents or contracts, others are often exposed to instructions of machinery or industrial products, etc.


  if you often translate a certain kind of document, you can be familiar with it easily, and the previous translation is also highly praised by customers, then when you receive the same kind of document, the quotation can be slightly higher than other documents.


  4. completion cycle


  of course, there is also an important consideration for the price of translation, that is, the time required by the customer to complete.


  generally speaking, the delivery time of ordinary documents is 3 to 7 days, and books or some large translation projects will be longer. for urgent items that need to be translated immediately, there is usually an "urgent fee" when quoting, usually 30-60% of the original price. it's the same reason that you need to pay more money just as you want to take a photo of a certificate on the same day;


  this urgent fee should be made clear to the other party. if the other party is not willing to pay extra, then discuss whether to extend the delivery date. of course, if the interpreter has a schedule at that time and wants to pick up the order quickly, he can consider not charging an urgent fee.


  5. unit of measurement of quotation


  the most commonly used way of translation quotation is to take every thousand words as a unit, but this "every thousand words as a unit" should also be specified clearly to avoid disputes in the future. as for the number of words, the regulations of each translation company or client may be different. some translation companies, whether in or out of the chinese translation, are based on the number of words in chinese; others are based on the number of words in the translated language so when quoting, we must ask clearly whether it is in english or in chinese, because there is a big gap between chinese and english. generally speaking, a thousand english words can be translated into 1500-1800 chinese characters.


  sometimes the translation work will be calculated according to the whole project. for example, some companies want to introduce foreign magazines or publishing houses to translate books, etc. at this time, they may prefer to ask you to make a quotation for the whole translation project rather than the word count. however, most cases are for the translation team. in case of such projects, it's better to try to browse some documents first, which will be more conducive to your evaluation of the offer.


  6. employer


  when quoting, you can also see what the other party's name is to ask you for translation. according to the editor, foreign companies or organizations generally offer high prices, especially in europe, america and australia, as well as some domestic and international organizations, such as consulates and chambers of commerce in various countries. their translation budgets are often generous; most of the new translators have just come into contact with translation companies, individuals or private enterprises.


  when a translation company sends out a recruitment for translation work, it will usually write down the fee. before applying, you can see whether you can accept it or not; the budget of other companies in translation depends on how much they attach importance to the quality of translation. if they attach great importance to the expansion of overseas market, they are generally more willing to spend more on translation, but they also have higher requirements for translation.