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  now there are many meetings and press conferences that are consecutive interpretation, which requires a high level of hospitals. what are the practical skills of consecutive interpretation shared by shanghai zhenyun artificial translation agency?


  1. a lot of practice


  speaking frankly, interpreting practice is a daily practice. it's better not to let it go all day. can't practice be a good interpreter when it's a part of life? if conditions permit, a group of two persons may be employed, one acting as the speaker and the other acting as the translator. one can use the method of visual translation to practice. when reading newspapers, one can take notes of some paragraphs and then interpret them.


  2. effective note system and efficient translation skills


  the focus of notes and brain notes in interpretation is not metaphorical. it should be emphasized that the recording of related words here should be given special attention to ensure that when translating, a string of beads can be connected with a single line.


  in interpretation, if you meet speakers who are very rigid and like to dazzle complex sentences, in order to facilitate the audience's understanding, you may try to simplify the complex sentence structure. fortunately, most of the speakers are often complex and simple, which provides a good opportunity for the interpreters. that is to say, they can use those simple sentences to turn out some patterns and dress up the original simple sentences more complex and fancy. this little skill is not for opportunism, but it is a little experience extracted from the daily experience of cross communication.


  3. flexible on-site processing


  there are many articles about this. you can check them by yourself. the most important thing is to make sure that the voice of translation must be stable and confident, otherwise the speaker will be nervous and stop without finishing a sentence, which will make translation even worse.


  in addition, we should pay attention to one more point. when the spokesman discusses with you whether to say it sentence by sentence, he must resolutely refuse the temptation, and confidently tell him to finish a complete meaning and then stop. in this way, it is good for both sides. the speaker will be very happy to be able to express a complete meaning, and the interpreter can interpret the speech as a whole and then as a part. at the same time, this method can also win the praise and trust of the audience. according to personal experience, an important criterion for the audience to judge the level of cross interpretation is the length of translation. if the interpreter can turn over the main content of the speech 5 minutes or even 10 minutes after the speaker speaks, it is a high-level interpreter in the eyes of most of the audience. but in fact, we all know that no matter how long a speech is delivered, as long as a paragraph is centered on a central topic, it is a complete meaning unit for our interpreters. no matter it is 2, 3 minutes, or 8, 9 minutes, it will not cause too much problem. experienced translators can take notes and read the main content of the original text.


  4. the cultivation of psychological quality


  it's important to prepare well before the meeting, but it's also important to play on the spot. compared with the working state of simultaneous interpreting, the communication is particularly stressworthy, and the audience's expectation is sometimes a kind of inexplicable psychological pressure. at this time, on the one hand, the interpreter needs to keep a stable mood, face the challenge calmly, and grasp the situation of the venue; on the other hand, he cannot make his translation seem too conservative and boring. it may take a little skill and experience to help.


  what's more, reading aloud is a good way. you can also practice expressing your opinions and communicating with others in small meetings. if we can enhance our confidence and build up our courage by appearing on stage in some more formal competitions and performances, it will be even better.


  5. prepare each task carefully


  the key points of the meeting, the caliber of the conference and the technical terms to be involved in the visit should be grasped as much as possible, so that the translation can be done easily.


  it is particularly important to remember those special words. there are always special words in every meeting, such as medical meeting. there will be a variety of disease names and drug names, which are often very long and strange words, so it needs to take time and energy to remember them. there is a saying that the highest level of an interpreter is that after a meeting, the whole audience understands it and achieves the effect of communication.